• We provide guaranteed free parking lot for customers that requires NO WAITING TIME! You don't have to queue at the public car park at Cape Maeda which in the summer costs you 30~60mins of waiting time, thus messing up your itinerary!!  So your travel plan with us will be easily controlled.
  • We are the pioneer and the only shop running at Blue Cave area that guarantees all DSD customers full-face masks! You can breathe with your nose like on land, so don't worry about not being able to swim.
  • Our English language level is one of the highest amongst Blue Cave shops.  Without language barrier, you can feel comfortable during activity.
  • We are great with kids!  We have a lot of great reviews on how caring our instructors are!
  • All of our marine staff are either instructors or dive masters, all are of professional level with PADI.  Peace of Mind!  Insurance coverage is the best at Blue Cave area!
  • *Underwater VR 360 photograph is optional. ( Not many dive shops offer this service!)

《Facilities at Best Dive Okinawa》

Shop front and inside

Shuttle buses:between our parking lot and entry points.  Customers don't have to queue at public car park for 30~60mins if you book with us!!

Changing rooms with air-conditioning

Briefing is conducted in a covered space that is comfortable. 

Boat dive customers can come back to take a quick shower to rinse off sea water.(*Hair drying is JPY200 per person)

You can enjoy hot tub in the winter!