Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
in Blue Cave

¥ 6,000 ~ inc Tax

We will take you to the beautiful Blue Cave by snorkelling.  Tropical fish and corals along the way.

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Blue Cave DSD
¥ 13,700 inc Tax

Have you ever tried scuba diving?  No need to hold a licence to be able to enjoy!  You can enjoy swimming with tropical fish in our DSD tour.

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¥ 18,200 inc Tax

Joining both snorkelling and DSD activities to enter the Blue Cave!  Memorable experience!

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Peace of Mind

We guarantee that all our staff can communicate with you in English from booking to your arrival at our shop, from tour briefing to the duration of the tours.  All customers are covered by Padi insurance, and all our staff are of professional ranks.

English guaranteed

We guarantee you no language barrier.

Our Team 


Underwater VR Photography

We are the pioneer of VR (virtual reality that take 360 degrees) photography at Blue Cave.  Rich experience.

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What is the Blue Cave?

The Blue Cave is located at Cape Maeda, Onna-son.   It's a well-known cave on the main island of Okinawa. The name is derived from the blue light shone through the cave from outide.

Sunny days, raining days, the cave is still a Blue Cave!

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