Customers' SAFETY is our top priority!


All our marine staff taking customers to snorkel or DSD hold professional diving licences!

AND all our marine staff have taken out liability insurance that can only be purchased by professionals!

Marine activities all come with some risks.  All customers should be aware of this.

Best Dive Okinawa promises to offer all-round protection to all customers who join our activities, as follows:

1) PADI Accident Insurance within the activity period: from meet-up to finish time

2) Each marine guide (instructor or dive master) has taken out PADI Liability Insurance that is exclusive to professionals.

3) Each marine guide holds legal working visa or visa that allows them to work in Japan.  They also either hold a diving instructor licence or a dive master licence, which are both professional qualifications recognised by PADI.  These professionals mean that they have all gone through all necessary training, and will be able to make the best judgment underwater, and rescue techniques on the ocean surface and on land, thus reducing the risks tremendously.

Be reminded that without the two qualifications mentioned above, one cannot purchase liability insurance to cover their customers.  ONLY professionals can and we Best Dive Okinawa is committed to you to only hire professionals.


**Travel insurance is also very useful. It covers areas not covered by the above insurance plans. So we highly recommend that you also take out a travel insurance plan before coming to Okinawa! Don't save this insurance money. It's really worth it!  Have a nice and safe holiday in Okinawa!**

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