Blue Cave DSD


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Blue Cave DSD《Boat entry¥ 13,700 inc Tax

Wearing scuba diving gear to visit the beautiful Blue Cave on Okinawa main island.  *Please click the link for the activity's actual video:

DSD (Shore)
DSD (Boat)

Tour lasts 2~2.5 hrs
Time in the ocean 30~40mins
Time Slots & Meet-Up Times Time Slots
Meet-Up Time
May~Sep: 1hr before
Oct~Apr: 50mins before
20mins after meet-up time, your booking will be cancelled and 100% cancellation fee applies.
Who can join? Boat: Age 10~59
Shore: Age 12~59
Before booking, please read these medical requirements:(Click➡【DSD Medical Questionnaire】Please read thoroughly also other restrictions:(Click➡) FAQ
Please bring Swimwear, bath towel

Camera Rental

GoPro :¥ 3000(inc tax)/pc
VR360 camera:¥ 8000(inc tax)/pc

• Details on VR

Tour Fee Per Person (adult or child)
Please see Page Top.
Payment method Deposit to be paid by bank transfer or Wise which we will offer a link to have service charge waived.

Things like purchase of towels or the use of hair dryers: JPY Cash Only

Flow of Tour

0 Meet-up

Meet-up at our shop (free parking provided!). Form filling and payment.  Putting on wetsuit in our changing rooms.  Briefing of the tour.  Shuttle bus to ocean entry point.  (Shore and boat entries are different places)

45-60 Ocean Entry Scuba dive to the Blue Cave while swimming with tropical fish. For about 100m.  Arrival at the Blue Cave. Back to entry point
105-120 Back to entry point Back to entry point.  Lightly shower.  Change back into your own clothes. Returning wetsuits.
150 Completion Shuttle back to our shop's car park. End of tour.