Bicycle Rental



If you enjoy cycling in Okinawa, Welcome to Best Dive Okinawa Cycling Club!


For those who want to enjoy a long ride without hesitation, we also offer rental only service. You can now enjoy Okinawa cycling in a wider range.

[Reservation required] Application must be made 2 days before the desired date of use

About COVID-19 infection prevention measures

Rental tools are properly disinfected and prepared. Please also use the alcohol spray at the entrance.

Bicycle model

GIANT casual mountain bike - SNAP. Durable aluminium frame and thick tires support stable performance. With 21-speed, stand, chain guard, flat bar, etc, it also provides convenience of use.

From beginners who are tired of riding regular bicycles, to experienced riders who pursue tough rides, the range of different sizes will definitely suit your needs.

SIZE                  360(XS Red),430(S Black),480(M White)mm

WEIGHT           14.2kg(430mm)
FRAME                        ALUXX-Grade Aluminum OLD135mm
FORK                           SR SUNTOUR XCT 80mm Travel
TIRE                 KENDA KRANIUM 26x2.1
SPEED              21 Speed

Rental Bicycle
Equipment ・Accessories・ Insurance


【About Bicycle equipment】

  • Flat pedals are available for all models. Please use with normal sneakers. Please refrain from binding.
  • One bottle gauge for 500ml PET bottles is included in all models.
  • Safety equipment All models are equipped with "front light, bell, rear reflector (rear reflector)".
  • Please prepare other necessary items by yourself.

【About accessories】

All rental Bicycles come with the following set.

Helmet/Lock(Key type)

【About insurance】

  • All rental Bicycles are covered by "TS mark insurance". Compensation outside the coverage of this insurance is not possible.
  • Click here for TS mark insurance.
  • If you are uncertain, we recommend that you purchase domestic travel insurance, leisure insurance, etc. by yourself.


Please pay at the time of rental on the day of use.

Rental & Returning

Rental Bicycles are available from 8:00 to 17:30. Regarding Rental and returning, the available times are as follows. Reservations must be made at least 3 days before the desired rental date.

【About rental & return time】

  • Rental: 8:00-16: 00
  • Return:by 17:15 *Please return by sunset.

The dates and times that we can respond to are limited due to the amount of bicycles. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could adjust the usage time within the above time. Please contact our customer service if you have any further questions.

【About rental & return place】

On the day of use, please come to the Best Dive Okinawa Cycle Club.

Precautions when using the rental Bicycle

【At the time of rental / returning】

  • When renting, the signatures of all users are required.
  • Please have your ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) presented at the time of rental. * For the representative of the application
  • Please pay the usage fee at the time of rental.
  • If there is a significant scratch or damage when returning the product, we will charge the actual cost for repair.

【In use】

  • Users are responsible for managing the bicycles they are renting. Especially for those who rent for multiple days, please keep it indoors at night.

【Response to accidents, disclaimers】

Our club cannot be held responsible for any accidents while using a rental bicycle. Please use it with due consideration for safety by the user.

If you have any other questions, please contact the club.

Rental Bike Terms of Use

Please let us know the following when you apply.

▼①Date and time of use and bicycle type / number

1)Desired date of use

2)Desired time of rental & return

3)Desired bicycle type

▼②About applicants

1)Applicant's name (Same as passport)

2)Current address(Okinawa residence or hotel)

3)Contact information for the day (mobile number, etc.)

▼③About users

1)User name(Same as passport)

2)Gender / age / height

3)Experience of riding a bicycle

* If you would like rental for more than one, please let us know "③ About the users" for the number of people.

Contact us

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Tel: 070-3124-7160

Adress: 〒904-0415 Nakadomari 94, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture